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What is Direct Primary Care?

The Direct Primary Care model offers comprehensive and convenient care with a goal of avoiding unnecessary emergency rooms or urgent care visits for issues that could have been addressed by your child’s provider. One urgent care visit can cost a minimum of $200 out of pocket just for walking in the door.  One trip to the ER (with insurance) can cost more than a year's membership with Gentle Baby Pediatrics.

Membership: The Clinic

Why Join Gentle Baby Pediatrics?

Our Direct Primary pediatric care model offers high-quality personalized attention and convenience when compared to traditional healthcare models

Exclusive Discounts

As a member, you will also be able to purchase various supplements including homeopathic remedies, Chinese herbals, vitamins and more at a highly discounted rate.

Provider Relationship

No more fast food healthcare where you see a new provider every visit! Being a small practice, your provider knows your child well.

Flexible Scheduling

Same or next day visits available. Office, virtual or even phone visits

24/7 Access

Gentle Baby Pediatrics members will experience a much more personal relationship with their provider.  Payton will be a quick text, call, or email away. There will be no receptionist or nurse serving as a gatekeeper to your child’s provider.

Personalized Wellness

  • Unrushed appointments

  • On time appointments with no crowded waiting room

  • Know the price you pay, no hidden costs

Integrative Health

Gentle Baby Pediatrics brings conventional and complementary approaches together to care for the whole child

Membership: List

Your Membership Includes:

  • 24/7 Direct Access to provider

  • Little, if-any wait time

  • Personalized Healthcare

  • Wellness Care

  • Integrative Care

  • Newborn Care

  • Lactation Support

  • Counseling and Guidance (nutrition, development, sleep, behavior, parenting, and more)

  • Developmental Screenings

  • Behavioral & Mental Health Evaluations

  • Sport Physicals

  • Forms filled out in a timely manner

  • Care Coordination & Specialist Referrals

  • Management of Chronic Conditions

  • Medication Management

  • exclusive access to high quality supplements, homeopathy remedies, Chinese Herbals and more

  • Unlimited Sick Visits

  • Same/Next Day Sick Visits

  • Rapid Flu/Strep/COVID-19, Urinalysis

  • Breathing Treatments

  • Minor Wound Treatments

  • Minor Laceration Repair: Glue/Staple/Steristrip

  • Stitch and Staple Removal

  • Simple Foreign Body Removal

  • Ear Wax Removal

  • Personalized Vaccine Schedules

  • Motherhood Support Groups

  • Functional Medicine 

Membership: List

Membership Pricing

One time family enrollment fee $100.


Family max $350/month for up to 3 children

$25 each additional child


Newborn-2 years



2-5 years



6 years & up


Membership: Our Services

By placing a limit on the number of patients seen by the practice, Gentle Baby Pediatrics is able to provide more meaningful time with your family and an overall better experience in medical care.

Toddler with Toys
Membership: Quote

On average, each month an American adult spends:

Dining out


Phone Bill




Coffee Shops


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